Unscented Bath Salts
Unscented Bath Salts
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Unscented Bath Salts

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Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating bath experience with our Unscented Bath Salts, a beautiful blend of Dead Sea salt, Pink Himalayan salt, and Epsom salt. While unscented, these salts have a natural, refreshing aroma, leading to a pure and soothing soak. Each salt is meticulously selected for its unique benefits:

  • Dead Sea salt is well known for its high mineral content, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium. These minerals are known to improve skin health, relieve muscle tension, and promote overall relaxation.
  • Pink Himalayan salt is a detoxifier, helping to cleanse the body and remove toxins while delivering trace elements absorbed through the skin. This salt will reinvigorate your system and help balance pH levels.
  • Epsom salt, a sought-after remedy for many ailments, eases muscle pains, alleviates stress, and can assist in reducing inflammation, contributing to bodily recovery and well-being.

Together, this therapeutic trio of salts elevates your usual bath routine into a transformative wellness ritual, promoting a sense of renewal for both body and mind.


440 grams